Thursday, July 18, 2019

SCUTREA 2020/21 Conference - Call for Expressions of Interest

Preparations are well underway for the Adult Education in Global Times Conference which SCUTREA will be involved in as one of eight partnering organisations. This conference  will be held at the University of British Columbia 4-7 June 2020 – see the SCUTREA website and

Preparations are also underway to run a SCUTREA one-day seminar/AGM event in the UK in May 2020 – dates and details to follow.

In the meantime, we would like to start the process of organising our annual conference for July 2021. We therefore invite you to send in an Expression of Interest. Usually, the conference takes place around the first week of July, but another date can be proposed, as long as it does not clash with conferences organised by our friends from other adult education communities such as ESREA’s triennial conference, FACE, BERA post-compulsory SiG and UALL events.

The conference will be organised by the host institution, but the SCUTREA Council team would as always provide strong support, to include sending out the call for abstracts, regular posting of information and updates on the SCUTREA website and Twitter, reviewing and selecting abstracts, awarding bursaries, and assistance in selecting the best student paper prize. One Council meeting is usually held at the host university in order to visit the conference location and discuss practical arrangements.

Expressions of Interest should be sent to the SCUTREA Chair – Nalita James  by 1st February 2020. This gives the Council time to discuss the proposals and for these to be approved at the Annual General Meeting in May so a formal announcement can be made at the June 2020 conference.
All Expressions of Interest should be sent in Word format and attend to the questions outlined below:
  • 1.       Where will the conference take place? What facilities are available for residential participants and what facilities are available for plenary and parallel sessions? How many people can you accommodate?
  • 2.       Do you have a specific conference theme in mind? What is the rationale for focusing on this theme? Do you have keynote speakers in mind who would be interested in speaking about this topic?
  • 3.       Who are the people involved in organising the conference? What are the areas of expertise of your team in terms of academic profile, but also in terms of organisational and administrative experience in running conferences or big knowledge exchange events?
  • 4.       Do you see any opportunities to attract extra funding for this conference from your university or from other local networks you are involved in?