Conference 2019

Adult Education 100: Reflections & Reconstructions

This conference is an opportunity for adult educators and scholars to join a global reflection on what the field has achieved across the world over the past century, on where we are now, and on how adult education should be "reconstructed" for the century ahead.

We invite proposals for papers and symposia that focus on theory, research, practice and policy in adult education and lifelong learning. We particularly encourage proposals that do so within the approaches and traditions advocated by the 1919 Adult Education Report, or engage critically with its legacies.

Conference 2018

Our 2018 conference theme is 'Lifelong Learning and the Pedagogy of Hope' and will take place at the University of Sheffield's Hotel and Conference Centre from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th July 2018.

We welcome proposals for papers, symposia, posters and roundtable presentations on questions related to the conference theme and one of its strands. We welcome in particular proposals that examine the work of the widest range of providers engaged in adult education, including lower level learning and professional qualifications, recognising that the transformative power of a University education is first harnessed in many different settings. To download the full Call for Papers please visit:

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Conference 2017
Our 2017 conference theme is 'Adult Education for Inclusion and Diversity' and will take place at the 
 University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls campus  
Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 July 2017

Hosted in collaboration with CREID - the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Education, Inclusion and Diversity. 

The conference welcomes proposals for papers, symposia, posters and roundtable presentations on questions related to the conference theme and one of its strands. In particular we welcome proposals that explore the ways in which adult education systems and initiatives deal with the inclusion and diversity of different social and economic groups, in societies all over the world. 

To download the full Call for Papers please visit AND NOTE THE NEW SUBMISSION DEADLINE OF 31 JANUARY 2017 (previously 15 January).
You are welcome to promote the conference by downloading and distributing the Conference Poster:

Conference 2016

This year's conference theme was 'Adult Education in Austere Times' and took place at the University of Leicester's College Court Conference Centre from
Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 July 2016

The conference consisted of papers exploring the tensions between the politics of austerity and the positive impacts and benefits of adult education. Our keynote speaker was Dr Jim Crowther, Senior Lecturer in Community Education in the School of Education, University of Edinburgh:
'Austerity Against Democracy: What can adult education offer?'

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Delivered in partnership with the University of Leicester 

Twitter: You can view the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SCUTREA2016 

 Conference Proceedings:

Conference 2015

It's All Adult Education
University of Leeds, England, UK
Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 July 2015
Delivered in partnership with the Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds
The SCUTREA Conference provides a platform for researchers and professionals who have engagement with the Education of Adults and Lifelong Learning to address key areas of national and international concern. This year the Conference theme – ‘It’s All Adult Education’ - was also seeking to reach out to those researchers and practitioners whose work may not be primarily focussed on Adults and Lifelong Learning but who have developed a keen interest in this area. Our conference provided a forum for those engaged in adult education and lifelong learning to debate and discuss the theme. The conference took place at Weetwood Hall Conference Centre and Hotel, Leeds. 

Conference programme:
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Twitter: There was active tweeting activity during the conference. You can view the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SCUTREA2015.  
Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings 
SCUTREA Conference paper: 'Adult and Higher Education in the Early Work of R.H. Tawney', by John Holford, University of Nottingham, John Holford Paper

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Conference 2013

Mobilities and Transitions: Learning, Institutions, Global and Social Movements 
Delivered in partnership with CRLL (Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning) of Glasgow Caledonian University 23rd - 27th June 2013 provided an opportunity for colleagues to discuss familiar topics and illustrate how they are being experienced by individual learners and those involved in education.  The key note presentations by Professors Mary Stuart and Patti Gouthro provided stimulating introduction and conclusion to the conference.

Past Conferences
Conference 2012
150th Anniversary Vaughan College
The 2012 SCUTREA Conference at Leicester began with a pre-conference organised by the University of Leicester celebrating the 150th anniversary of Vaughan College. Conference elegates were invited to the College on the Monday evening for an informative session on the history of Vaughan College and the current provision in lifelong Learning in the city and beyond. One of the speakers was John Field (Stirling, below). A fuller report of the pre-conference appears in 2012 Conference issue of SCOOP. The pre-conference continued the next morning, with a discussion led by Cheryl Hunt (Exeter), an honorary member of SCUTREA, with a focus on different conceptions of well-being, the focus on the SCUTREA Conference itself which began after lunch on the Tuesday, and carried on through to Thursday lunch-time. The AGM saw the election of a new Honorary Secretary.
Left to right: John Field, audience, Cheryl Hunt to fore, sign, and audience

Conference 2011
The 2011 SCUTREA Conference at Lancaster "Creating and Sustaining International Connections: exploring the learning opportunities for Studying Creative Understandings about Teaching and Research for Equity and Access" 
Networking activity at Lancaster Conference

David Boud Top
Ann-Marie Houghton Bottom
The Call for Papers elicited a wide range of papers from across the world reflecting a broad interpretation of the conference theme, including discussions on the nature of comparative analysis, issues in doing inter-cultural and collaborative research focused on contemporary issues such as educational leadership, trans-formative learning, equity, professional education, international students, youth work and gender.  A first for the 2011 conference was a SKYPE connection with David Boud, a familiar Australian delegate. The host site – Lancaster University – was one of the founding higher education partners in SCUTREA through the impetus and enthusiasm of Professor Keith Percy, and more latterly represented by the now former SCUTREA Treasurer, Ann-Marie Houghton, and previously the chair of SCUTREA!