Events Funding

SCUTREA intends to support members to organise and run seminars, one day events or mini-conferences in 2017. In giving this support, we want to stimulate the exchange of information, research output and ideas between members belonging to the adult education community, both academics, including post-graduate students, as well as practitioners.

Funding is available from SCUTREA to support this initiative. Proposals must demonstrate the need for SCUTREA funding.

The maximum budget a member can apply for is £750, which will give us the opportunity to spread the funding across different members. Justification of the budget must be included, as well as an indication whether the budget will be match-funded by other sources. We are open to exploring your budget, but the main bulk of the fund should go to accommodating guests and target a wide audience, going beyond the level of internal seminars. 

Applications can only been made by members of SCUTREA. If you are not a member yet (institutional or individual), you will be asked to pay the modest membership fee and will remain a member for the then current membership period (see

Full details can be found in the following document - There is no specific application form, however you must apply before 31st January 2017. The decision on which events to sponsor will be made during SCUTREA Council meetings in January of 2017.